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In August Instagram featured a guy on their feed called Jun. He's a hairdresser from Japan who is travelling the world and wants to do 1000 haircuts whist travelling. I thought his pictures on him cutting the hair of locals and tourists on the streets of wherever he was at the time seemed pretty cool so I decided to 'follow' him on his journey. Then, a few weeks ago he announced he was going to come to London so I was looking forward to going to see him

One night I came home and was looking through instagram and saw that he had posted from London and said that he didn't have anywhere to sleep that night so would be sleeping on the street (and then laughed). I realised I couldn't really let that happen to him so we connected and he was able to stay at the studio and take clients there during his stay in London. Incidentally he didn't get my initial message until the following morning after a night of sleeping in Hyde Park! - It's all part of the adventure!

Anyway, we had fun together. It was great having him in the studio and helping him on his travels. We had an awesome Halloween party at the studios while he was here too. I was a pathetic attempt at a unicorn, he was a black daisy. 

Me cutting Jun's hair

Me cutting Jun's hair